Bearcat Wildcat is a hybrid creature: A little bit country, a little bit blue, and a little bit rock and roll. The six-member Americana band from Washington DC is a collective of songwriters, vocalists, and multi-instrumentalists drawing on old American roots music and modern sounds alike. They put on an energetic and intimate live show, featuring warm harmonies, nimble playing, and infectious rhythm.

Recorded at Bias Studios in Springfield, VA, their debut EP (out June 23, 2017 ) showcases an expansive sound. "Baby Don't Drive" is a rollicking getaway anthem based on a true story, while rhythm-driven "Houston" takes on a different sort of running away. "Rolling Springs" features lush four-part harmonies; "She Picks Me Up" is a lively toe-tapper; "You & Whiskey" leaves a mean, slow burn. 

Zoë Carpenter  :  guitar, vocals
Sam D'Agostino  :  bass, vocals
Kelly Dillon  :  guitar, vocals
Enrique Dominguez  :  drums
Corey Frayer  :  guitar, banjo, harmonica, vocals
Sam Guilford  :  violin, mandolin, vocals